September 16, 2012

if you're not getting answers, ask better questions

sometimes my life isn't about what i am really asking...
and sometimes it is

it was between two apartments to move to.  i wasn't really familiar with the d.c. area and wasn't excited about either options.  finally i went with the first one.  i still am not sure why, i much preferred everything about my second option. location (virginia), price ($100 cheaper), and pics (the house and room were charming).  i guess the deciding factor could have been that i had my own bathroom in option one?  anyway, i choose option one.  

the day i moved in, it turned out to not be what i had hoped for or expected and i was really second guessing my decision.  

i bought my contract from a girl named julie.  i saw her about a month after i had moved in and she didn't even remember me .  we had a quick conversation and learned that our career background was similar.  i told her i was job searching and she offered to send out my resume to a few companies that she knew in the area.  i emailed her my cover letter and resume.  

meanwhile, life goes on.  i make other contacts and job search in a different direction.  i was still trying to adjust to life in maryland and was not terribly successful.  driving (worst ever drivers here, especially in parking lots), shopping (you have to pay five cents for every bag you use at every store and i could go on about this), social life (or lack thereof), sharing an apartment (i have never been good at sharing and i tend to be a little (by which i mean a lot) ocd), weather (hot and humid or pouring rain), and ugghhh.

by july i had to get away.  i bought a ticket (one-way) on a friday and flew home to utah on a saturday.  i needed some answers and perspective.

before i left, a friend suggested that maybe this current trial wasn't about finding a job.  maybe.  

last summer, i specifically prayed to know and learn something.  i still hadn't learned it by this summer.  my prayers began to change and although i was still looking for a job, i was pursuing this other something.

eventually i found it.  

also a job found me.  apparently option one was the right one.   the resume i had sent julie in march finally came into play in july.  they recruited me and i started my job in september.   it is even better than anything i asked for.

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sarah davies said...

Yay!!!! I'm really happy for you!!!